Mats Holtne Trio



Mats Holtne Trio


Mats Holtne - guitar

Cennet Jönsson - saxophones & bass clarinet

Peter Nilsson - drums


For decades, guitarist Mats Holtne has presented his highly personal approach to improvisation, composition and the mixing of these two musical methods. His new trio, featuring saxophonist Cennet Jönsson and drummer Peter Nilsson, consists of three distinct musical voices, creating varying textures for improvisation and interplay through Holtne´s colourful, rich and melodious pieces. The group toured in Argentina in November 2010. Mats Holtne is well represented on the Kopasetic label through releases with the groups Footloose, Un-x-pected Pleasure and Un x pected Brazilian Project. 


Cennet Jönsson is considered one of the major saxophone players in Sweden and is well-known from groups such as Tolvan Big Band, Peter Danemo Kapell, Meloscope, Jönsson/Karlzon duo and Stroman/Jönsson Project. He formed his current group, Cennet Jönsson Quartet, in 2001and is also the leader of Triple Bass Fantasy and part of Cenlistho, a Swedish/Danish trio with bassist Thommy Andersson and percussionist Lisbeth Diers. Cennet has also collaborated with artist such as Kenny Wheeler, David Liebman, Michael Brecker, Dizzy Gillespie, Palle Mikkelborg, John Taylor, Daniel Humair, Gary Husband and Billy Cobham. 


Peter Nilsson is a drummer based in Malmö, in the south of Sweden. Having developed a personal sound and a distinctive touch, he is a versatile and nuanced performer who always brings a strong sense of presence to the music.

Basing his playing on flow rather than patterns and paying a lot of attention to execution, articulation and orchestration, he uses a melodic/harmonic approach to playing rhythms. Peter has a wide range, dynamically, sonically and rhythmically and moves organically between the simple and the complex, between the abstract and the concrete and between structure and freedom.

His playing can be heard in many constellations, including Plunge, The Opposite, Loïc Dequidt Trio/Quartet, Cecilia Persson Kvintett, lim, Anders Nilsson’s AORTA, Ola Hedén Trio and 15,5.

He has also worked with such artists as Juhani Aaltonen, Lotte Anker, Raoul Björkenheim, Paul Bley, Eugene Chadbourne, Palle Danielsson, Marc Ducret, Peter Epstein, Joe Fonda, Michael Formanek, Satoko Fujii, Tim Hagans, Mark Helias, Lindsey Horner, Hilmar Jensson, David Liebman, Tony Malaby, Marilyn Mazur, Joakim Milder, Michael Moore, Perry Robinson, Sten Sandell, Bobo Stenson, Tolvan Big Band, Tomas Ulrich, Miroslav Vitous, Kenny Werner and Lennart Åberg among many others.

Peter appears on more than 35 albums and has toured extensively in Europe, as well as in Argentina, Azerbajdzjan, Mexico and the US.

He is also part of Kopasetic Productions, a musicians collective and record label based in Malmö.