Un x pected Brazilian Project



Un x pected Brazilian Project is a result of a longtime collaboration between Mats Holtne and Anders Vestergård. During travels to Brazil and meetings with congenial musicans sharing the fascination of rhythmic complexity, the idea of doing a project based upon different melodic and rhythmic lawers to create new possibillities in form and structure evoked.

In Brazilian mega-city Sao Paulo, containing perhaps the largest and most creative music scene in the world, musical styles are shaped and mixed  to form exciting new music that all to seldom reaches Scandinavia

Un x pected Brazilian Project is a sextet where the music leaves an imprint from everybodys  character and background. The compositions unite modern jazz and improvised music with brazilian rhythms in a dynamic, organic and energetic mix.


The CD ”Unite” blends compositions of Holtne, Vestergård and Brazilian composer/saxophonist Marcelo Coelho.


Marcelo Coelho – tenor sax

Fredrik Kronkvist – alto sax

Mats Holtne – guitar

Johnny Åman – bass

Anders Vestergård – drums

Emilio Martins – percussion